Rudi Oelofse - Health & Wellness Coach

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Rudi is a sought after trainer that has worked with celebrities such as super model Naomi Campbell, TV presenters and CEO's of high profile businesses.

He has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years both locally and internationally which has allowed Rudi to gain extensive knowledge which he uses to develop workouts which are fun and challenging, assisting clients in reaching their specific goals.

A thorough health and wellness screening along with a postural analysis is done to ascertain what the clients strengths, weaknesses and medical conditions are.

This information is then used to construct the workout that would be most beneficial for the client.

Keeping a balance in life is imperative and this is reflected in the Fusion Workouts. 

A typical session would consist of a warm up of skipping and shadow boxing followed by heavy bag work which taxes the cardiovascular system whilst toning the entire body. 

The versatile TRX is used to complement the workout with its challenging functional exercises.

We move onto the strengthening and weight loss component, the gruelling Russian Kettle bells. 

The session winds down with STOTT Pilates mat and equipment exercises which takes care of the remedial work by mobilising the spine and strengthening and balancing the postural muscles, particularly the core.

Being trained in Counselling Skills Rudi will help in setting realistic goals, challenging and keeping clients motivated when encountering obstacles on the journey to creating a healthy mind and body.

Rudi’s keen interest and success in the Health and Wellness field is largely due to the positive influence his parents had on him as a child witnessing how they excelled at their respective sports.

His father played 1st division football for Chelsea and Watford in the United Kingdom and for the Springbok squad in South Africa. He also coached Provincial Football Clubs.

Rudi’s mother danced for the Royal Ballet in London and was the principal dancer for Elizabeth Triquards’ South African Ballet School. She was one of the few dancers that shared the stage with the legendary Margot Fonteyn.